Workshop & Servicing

All prices incl. vat (not including parts)

Out front riders AWD: £240.00
Ride-on mowers: £210.00
Compact tractors & quads: Per hourly rate

Rotary petrol mowers: 
Push mowers: £90.00
Self propelled mowers: £100.00
Electric mowers: £60.00
Cylinder petrol mowers:
12” to 14” £90.00
15” to 20” £115.00
21” and over £145.00

Automower service £120

Strimmers & brushcutters: £90.00
Chainsaws: £90.00
Hedgecutters: £90.00

Investigation Charge: £30.00
This includes half an hours labour to find the fault if it is not immediately diagnosable, and is payable upon booking. If the fault is able to be fixed within this time there will be no further charge unless parts are required. If there is further charge the customer will be informed of an estimate and if the machine is deemed uneconomical to repair we can dispose of the machine if the customer does not wish to collect.
This is not required for every machine.

Call out (includes ½ hour labour): £75.00
Sharpen chains: £15.00
Sharpen shears: £18.00
Labour per hour: £60.00
Pick up/delivery service from: £20
Welding: as per hourly rate
A service consists of one, part or all of the following requirements for the given machine: 
Drain oil, set points and adjust timing, test coil, check drive assembly, sharpen and balance blade on rotary mowers, replace oil, grease bearings, check belts, test.

Prices for Quad Servicing:
All prices incl. vat (not including parts)

£60 an hour plus parts
A standard service is usually around 4 hours. Further work will be estimated on a case by case basis.

We will always endeavor to inform customers of any unseen charges before work is undertaken.

Please ensure machinery in for repairs are brought to us in a condition suitable to be worked on ie clean. You will be charged for time taken to wash if otherwise. Excepting large machinery in for a service where a wash is included in the price.

To book in your machine for a servicing or repair just give us a call or see us in store now!